6 Inch Highbanker Sluice – Portable Backpacker


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The River Sluice is perfect for Hikers. Backpackers, Kids or the weekend prospector.


What is a Gold or River Sluice?

A gold or river sluice is essentially a channel with a mineral recovery medium to aid in separating light material from the more heavy target minerals. A good sluice will have a flared entry to catch and channel more water into your sluice to help move unwanted material out of the system.

So ….want a better option? Then how about a 6 Inch Highbanker Sluice Kit? 

With a very high gold capture rate, this highbanker uses the latest technology with a perfect marriage of the vortex dream mat. Modular and portable.

 This is a modular unit with this listing offering the full package which includes:

  • Highbanker Hopper option with fixtures including spraybar
  • 6 inch re-circulation sluice system
  • Fully adjustable leg kit
  • standard 3 Meters Sullage hose
  • 2000 GPH bilge pump
  • Green mini Cell Dream mat

This highbanker is ideal for carting long distances in the bush and running buckets at home without the need for a lot of power. The 2000GPH bilge pump draws 10 amps per hour so a battery with enough capacity for at least 2 hours run time is recommended.

Backpack Down Dimensions:

legs removed – 70x27x29 cm

Standing on legs – 70 x 27 x 74 cm



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