Car-Lyn Fossicking & Off Grid Camping Property Mount Morgan


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Car-Lyn Fossicking & Off Grid Camping Property Mount Morgan

Car-Lyn is a privately owned property that allows the activities of Fossicking and Camping whilst fossicking  under the 

Queensland Fossicking Act 1994.

The property is located approximately 10 minutes drive from the Mount Morgan Outdoors shop in the main street.

It is accessible in a high clearance 2WD vehicle in the dry, however it is recommended that a 4WD vehicle is used. During rainy weather

a 4WD vehicle is essential.

Camping is self sufficient OFF Grid style, although simple amenities such as a long drop toilet are on location.

The property boasts historic gold mine workings as well as several creeks that flow into a paperbark rimmed waterhole.

Full day fossicking trips are $ 25 per vehicle.

Overnight Camping is an extra $ 5 per vehicle.

Bookings can be made by ringing Eric Stevenson 0417006591 or calling into Mount Morgan Outdoors, or emailing or filling out the Contact US form

ACCESS IS ONLY BY BOOKINGS – If found on the property without permission you will be prosecuted for Trespass. Remotely Monitored Trail cameras are in use on this property.