Denix Replica 1881 Double Barrel Shotgun ( Coach Gun ) $ 449.00 Includes GST


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This is a superb non firing replica of the famous 12 Gauge Double barrel Shot Gun, also called a Coach Gun. shortened for use on stage coaches in the Old West and Colonial Australia.

Dimensions: 89 cm
Weight: 2,636 g

Manufactured from metal with timber furniture  ,   break action and double exposed hammer cock and click action. Our version comes with two INERT ( Fired ) 12 gauge rounds that can be inserted and extracted for realism at no extra cost

Perfect for the re enactor, collector or movie prop

Legal for purchase in Queensland, South Australia or Western Australia with no licensing requirements. Other states vary.

If you satisfy purchase requirements. Please order here or email or call 0417006591

If you are from a state that requires licensing please send a copy of the relevant permit / license to or text to 0417006591 after ordering.

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